Alright…I am working really hard here @ promoting myself as an excellent student and employee.  I love doing it.  And I would love to promote you as well.  Here you will find examples of promotional campaigns I designed with my classmates.

First attempt…not fab, not nearly detailed enough. If I can learn how to upload a Prezi onto my site, I’ll show it to you. It was cool learning a new presentation software.

Newest promotional campaign…much better. This was a group effort, and our group worked seamlessly (I’m cheering so loud in my head right now). My biggest contributions were the budget, the website layout, proofing and making sure our whole team was on the same page.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Huge thank you to Dan Waddick from Next Media who taught me the ins and outs of radio station promotions.

Ehhh…best I can do for now…finally got the powerpoint into a slideshow, but the order isn’t perfect.  You get the idea though.  Up next: Prezi


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