Free Work

Me as an INTERN (aka free labor)!

No Broadcast schooling would be complete without Internships…Check out these fun times and be sure to scroll down to see some examples of my projects!

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 My First interning experience was at Next Media in Crest Hill, IL.  
Check out my promos page to find a little of what I learned from Mr. Dan Waddick.

I’m now at BATV in Batavia, IL.  Even though I’m finished with school, I still go to BATV once a week as a volunteer…can’t take a break and chance losing what I’ve learned. Plus I love it there!

The newest segment that I’ve been in charge of is Preps Insider, a weekly review of the local football scene.

<p><a href=”″>Preps Insider October 3, 2012</a> from <a href=””>Batavia Access Television</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


This is a weekly segment we do at BATV that I shot and edited. Municipal Minute is an update for Batavia residents concerning local events and issues.

Municipal Minute from Annemarie Dell’Aquila on Vimeo.


This is my first start to finish project for BATV. I shot, reported, and edited. Special thanks to the two cameramen in the stands, Ralph G. and Tim C.

Ohhhhhh doggy….look at me fidget.  Why didn’t anyone tell me to stand still?  Ah, cause there wasn’t anyone there to tell me.  Lesson learned.  At least I didn’t slouch.  More critiques on me?  Why yes me, thanks for asking.  Make sure you set up the shot b4 you start an interview so you don’t cut off your head.   Make sure the camera is tight on the tripod, so you don’t get an unitentionally moving shot.  Communicate more thoroughly with your camera crew, to insure that you don’t spend HOURS looking for the right footage.  1 shot guys and keep it simple….and how about a log sheet?   I could keep going, but as i’m always my own worst critic it is no surprise that I’m tearing this apart.  No where to go but UP!

Super Cup Racing from Batavia Access Television on Vimeo.

Finally…I’m done with the second part of my STARS racing assignment. Little confession here: I messed up pretty bad with my proofing. The video got uploaded to the station’s website with some glaring mistakes. The BATV bug was fuzzy and I didn’t adjust the pan on the audio to zero, so the sound was all messed up. Lesson…even when under a deadline a final check from start to finish is 100% necessary before and after compressing the file. Thanks to Jen for babysitting me and not bopping me upside the head and Andrew for help with the sometimes frustrating editing process, and for picking up my slack on the baseball voiceover. Without further self-criticism; here is opening night of STARS racing from Grundy County Speedway!

STARS RACING -BATV from Batavia Access Television on Vimeo.



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