I’ve heard it over and over throughout my life…sometimes you have to work for free in order to gain the knowledge you need to let you take your corner of the world by storm.  Luckily, I’ve found a couple places that allow me to gain knowledge for free in exchange for a few hours of my time. Bonus: I actually enjoy myself, which was the whole purpose of pursuing change!

HOW I’m staying fresh:

  • NEW INTERNSHIP!!!  At Allegory Pens.  I am the social media intern in a company with an unlimited future!  In the first couple weeks I’ve gotten to meet some videographers that BLOW my skills out of the water, learned how to make a variety of planning documents including the beginnings of a SWOT analysis, an environmental scanning sheet, a posting schedule, a competitor review and more!  Our strategy will soon begin…ALLEGORY can be found on FB and TWITTER.  Follow us.  Get an amazing reclaimed wood pen for a loved one and support  people who have the guts to leave the corporate race  on order to do something they love!

  • NO longer an Intern, NOW I’m a volunteer at BATV.
  • Teaching myself the basics of Final Cut X…even though I like 7 WAAAAY better. My first video using X can be found on the Wesley and Rivals page.
  • Stalking the SBA website to build a business plan. I WILL be in business by the end of January 2013.

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