Wesley & Rivals

Rivals Lookout Disc Golf Course

35140 S. Rivals Rd, Wilmington, IL 60481

Wesley Township 

Rival’s Disc Golf from Annemarie Dell’Aquila on Vimeo.

1st Annual Tournament; a success despite the cold and rain.

1st Place: Joshua Bringas and Tyler Gubser with a score of 50 (10 under par).

Both team members received a custom imprinted Champion Ape disc, a refund of their entry fee, and will be entered into the next tournament at no charge.

2nd Place: Cody Jay and Nick Johnstone with a 51.

They each received a custom imprinted San Marino Roc disc.

3rd Place: Jake Dejesus and Jayme Painter, Sr. with a score of 52.

They each received a custom imprinted San Marino Roc disc.


Don’t forget: We still need sponsors for course improvements

Yep…there are times when I do stuff that has no direct benefit to me.  I do benefit in feel good about myself points.  I should do more.

Lately I’ve gotten sucked into my brother’s altruism.  Here are some details on the work we (when I say we, I  mean 95% my bro and 5% me) have done at Rival’s Lookout Disc Golf course.

  • signs and message board
  • brush removal
  • course design (come check out the hanging basket)
  • beautification (our mom did most of this…first time I’ve ever seen anything she plants die)
  • sponsorship

There is still tons to do…help us please!

Want to sponsor our course?

Shoot me an email at dq.production@yahoo.com

What’s in it for You (besides the feel good factor)?

Holes Available For Sponsorship:  2 -8

For only $300, you will receive a 1 Year Tee-Sign Sponsorship and Community Board Sponsorship.

A Hole Sponsor is a reserved advertising space, carved and painted in wood, located on the tee sign under the hole map.  Advertisements may be updated throughout the year.

Sponsorship Alternatives

Sponsors may choose to construct or donate materials for park improvements such as walk bridges, staircases, picnic tables, plants, flowers, benches, signs, buildings, etc.

Or the sponsor may choose to be a part of the park beautification efforts and donate landscaping materials or volunteer to do landscaping or vegetation planting/design.

Their contribution/ their work will be commemorated on the Community Board. Sponsors with the greatest added value are placed higher on the list on the Community Board.

Throughout the year other sponsorship benefits may arise.


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