ReVision’s Vision

Hello to my readers.  I’ve disappeared for a valid reason, I swear.  ReVision Social is about to launch.  This post will be my introductory blog on my new website…feedback appreciated.

The Scenario:

You’re a small business owner.  You’ve worked hard to make your goods fabulous and your services top of the line.  You must market your wares, handle your finances, order inventory, manage employees, provide customer service and take care of every little day to day detail that comes with running a company.  On top of all that you  realize that an online presence isn’t just a website; that a marketing campaign must include New Media.  But, taking the time away from the tasks that you and your employees MUST complete, in order to create and implement a whole new Social media marketing strategy in an ever-changing field just isn’t feasible.  You don’t want to bobble the effort and the potential to gain new customers and create long-term relationships can’t be passed up.  You know who you are, now let ReVision show the social world who you are by creating a strategy, posting interesting and relevant content, building brand loyalty, gaining trust and engaging with your fans and followers.

The ReVision Vision:

ReVision doesn’t want to change who you are. We want to know who you are, learn what makes you tick, and give your company a voice in the social media arena.   We specialize in finding the right voice for your company, learning not only what you sell, but also the personality of your business and we translate that into an online presence  blasting your values, your mission and of course your products over the big 2.  ReVision allows the i-world to see YOU clearly.  Not just a black and white, 2-dimensional view of your product line or services, but a full-color 3-d view of everything you care about, know and are.  ReVision takes the time to visit your site, speak to you and your employees, develop a reciprocal relationship with your customer service team and obtain any and all information that can help to develop the most effective strategy that will embody your entire company.  This is no impersonal, crank out any old content type of operation. EVERY piece of information we post, is well-thought out, well-written, pertinent and fits into the personalized social media strategy that is developed by us and approved by you!  ReVision is not here to ReVise who you are, we are here to ReVise the way the social world sees you.





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