It’s a Jumble & I Love It

Yep…this website is officially messy.  And I should officially be sleeping more…and eating more, but I might as well be productive when I can’t shut   down.  And anyhow, I  had my one day…I didn’t even look at my planner all day on Sunday, August 26, 2012.  I enjoy my day a week, I enjoy the self-induced pressure and I enjoy my journey.  If it means I eschew sleep to type and stalk all of my social networking data or forget to eat until I’m famished and then scarf down half an ice cream cake…well, I enjoy that stuff too. Especially the ice cream cake.

Bad crap can swirl around me like a Dementor trying to suck out my soul, but I’m impervious once my Bobcat Patronus is unleashed.  Maybe I stumble for a second, then BAM, single minded focus is unleashed from my wand and negativity fuels my desires and gratitude as effectively as success and encouragement.

I have as usual rambled from my main point, which had something to do with how unfocused my website is.  It looks like there may be a pattern here.

My answer to my own query?  The website is good…it shows everything that I have learned, which was the point of its birth and subsequent adolescence.  It’s growing up so quickly that soon it won’t be contained by these broad pages…it will leave the nest and find it’s focus and evolve into a whole new beautiful being.

Way to flowery…what I mean is this website is great for what I’m using it for: To showcase my media talents and help me find a job in the broadcast industry.  Someday, I will streamline my continued learning into a site that will be used for me to make money on a freelance basis. Then it will be goodbye to my first attempt at web design and hello to marketing myself as the leader, creator, writer,producer, talent, voiceover artist, videographer, editor that you need.

Good thing it’s not today that I choose to narrow my focus because that was  too big of a list and right now I’m loving the Hodgepodge that is my journey.


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