Goin’ for Home Plate

August 16, 2012

Crunch Time!  This is where it’s time to set myself apart.  Frolf is unfortunately moved to the back burner for a bit, while my demos take center stage in my brain.  One of my goals while @ BATV, was to create my own show from start to finish…create, script, shoot and edit it all myself.  I, as usual, thought HUGE and my resources were limited…I did have constant access to cameras (thank you BATV)  and I have plenty of footage, so now it’s a matter of rewriting and making it amazing.  But…it has to wait. The project isn’t done. And I’m okay with that, which is a minor miracle.  No one is hurt in the delay and I have learned new editing techniques, gotten better at shortcuts and dealt with trying to get unpaid talent to do what I want, when all they want to do is frolf.  Don’t think for a second that frolf won’t get done, but frolf isn’t gonna get me to graduation and it probably won’t get me a job. I now have 20 days left of class and need to do 3 demos, and start pounding down doors to get jobs…not to mention personalized cover letters, company research and all of the normal hullaballoo.  I’m pumped and I’m pretty sure my brain will be in constant motion for weeks.  This is gonna be one of those chunks of time where I have to keep a notebook and pen in bed with me while I sleep.  Any doubts I have are pushed out of my conscious mind.  Nothing but confidence in my abilities is allowed at this time. (Luckily I have friends and family who never let me forget my strengths…or weaknesses).  I don’t know everything, I’m not the best; but I am damn good.  I’m malleable and I’m fast:  You explain, I grasp and extrapolate, then I ask my bundle of questions in rapid succession.  I need to know more, more, more and ANYONE who has knowledge I can use, will have their brain picked. There. I’ve sufficiently brought in the positive, job-getting, winner vibes for the night.  Now I’ll go to sleep, so my brain can put together the pieces of my TV demo.


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