Football (and wedding showers)

I must truly love you if I show up to your wedding shower on Bear’s Sunday.  Had there not been a ginormous projection television in the movie theater, I may have had to disown a friend once my bridesmaid duties were fulfilled. I was even able to shut the door and yell at the screen so; you (Jen) are off the hook.

Sports and I have had a long and fruitful love affair.  I love to play them…I hate to watch them.  Exception: football.  And I have ONE team. None of this fair weather fan crap.  I’m a Chicago Bears fan through and through.  There are only two teams I cheer for: Da Bears and whoever is playing Green Bay.  I’m not receiving much cooperation with the “whoever is playing Green Bay” so far this season.  A little help Lions? Giants? Raiders? I pray to the football gods that Cutler is back by week 16.

I wouldn’t call myself a cheerleader…more like a screamer.  There are very few people I can watch football with.  My mom locks herself in her room when my Dad and I stuff our faces and scream at the t.v.  It’s like a three-voice echo as my Dad calls out the play-by-play, I follow by a beat and the announcer finally says what we both just said.  Its my chance to swear like a sailor, eat tons of fattening food and spend a few hours with my Dad. And heck yeah I’ll rock a pink Forte jersey (Christmas is coming, hint hint).

I was three when the Bears last won the Super Bowl, but that doesn’t dent my love for my team.  If my Dad can believe in the Cubs year after year after year after year…until eternity, I can handle 26 years without the Vince Lombardi Trophy.  We could have it back this year.  And if not, there’s always next year.


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2 responses to “Football (and wedding showers)

  • Mom

    Your dedication to and knowledge of Bears football makes your Dad proud! Hint taken, btw!

  • JPb

    You need to devote your energy to a winning team, there is always an excuse why they did not win the big one, pro sports has people hypnotized to standing outside in freezing weather with no shirts screaming their lungs, not worth a stroke, but enjoyable to harass you during your raves

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