Home Sweet Home

This website chronicles my journey

into all things media. Feel free to

Click all over Me.

Website intro video from Annemarie Dell’Aquila on Vimeo.

Demo Teaser from Annemarie Dell’Aquila on Vimeo.

     Sick of being teased? Demo is UP on Bolts 

  •  NEW: Let’s Get Serious is now devoted to LIFE AFTER SCHOOL!
  • School is FINISHED (for now)! Check out some photos in School Life.
  • Resume & Demos are up…go to BOLTS!
  •  Rivals Lookout: Disc Golf Tournament: Success despite the weather.  New video is up showcasing the park and the people!
  • Featured Business for December is KM Sparkles!

Mini Guide to my Website:

My personality shines through best in Bloggin’ and my quest to gain media knowledge is dispersed among the other pages.  Potential employers can head to the Nuts and Bolts  section to see the most recent version of my resume (Bolts) and learn more about what makes me tick (Nuts).

Wesley & Rivals is devoted to something I love: DISC GOLF.  By volunteering with my brother at our local course, I was able to land a gig updating the content for the township website.  Lesson: always be on the lookout for an in!

Rounding out this beautiful mess are School Life where my various class and internship projects can be found and Let’s Get Serious where I chronicle the hustle that begins once school ends!

Don’t expect me to sugar coat any failures…the good the bad and the ugly are all included to prove that I am constantly striving to get better.

It is also in constant flux, as I am always adding to my body of work.



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